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The World Wide Web (WWW) 2015

Materials: Electrical cords from various technical and electronic devices.

I created this spider web sculpture focusing on exploring the connection of the medium being electrical cords linking to the rapidly evolving contemporary technology of the World Wide Web (WWW). I am concentrating on the current human culture connection of technology and our everyday reliance of electrical cords. The environmental message of consumerism and the fast changing world of technology becoming obsolete and creating rubbish are still present in this work.

The medium I used to represent the artistic 3D Spider web is electrical cords using constructive methods of weaving, crocheting and knitting to form the natural shapes and structures. Every electronic device we use has a unique cord and almost every new device we purchase to replace the outdated device has a different size cord. Consumer society is full of electronic devices that are designed to be disposable. This source of material is easily accessible as technology is advancing at a breathtaking pace.

I invite the audience to physically enter and immerse yourself into the web, reflect on own use of cables, walk around, touch, feel and view from different angels. Your direct involvement will allow you to enjoy the whole body experience of the sculptures structure and silhouettes move in the space with you.

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