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Everything is still connected 2018

June 2018

Everything is still connected 2018. (Series of 7 pieces)


On my journey of connection to country, cultural heritage and traditional fibre art; I have created a 2nd installation titled, Everything is still connected 2018. This body of work is a representation of traditional forms of functional fibre vessels, baskets, and eel traps connecting to ancient Indigenous women’s traditional weaving techniques, and cultural practices of the passing of knowledge. Simultaneously I am pushing the boundaries by incorporating a combination of modern weaving practices and recycled mediums to transform the objects into a contemporary sculptural form.

My choice of mediums includes discarded data cables to represents the reconfiguring of our current fast pace lifestyle and use of high tech, technological tools that allows us to connect and tell our stories instantly and globally.


The use of fluorescent orange plastic fencing mesh creates a narrative that connects to the environmental issues of discarded plastic.  The use of fencing materials also indicates the barriers that were used to keep Australian Aboriginal people locked up in the missionaries and reserves, and prohibited them from connecting to their land, cultures and families. 


A few extra materials have crept into one of the Coolamon (oval) baskets, which is homemade spun wool, and natural fibres that bring softness to the data cables.


I have also experimented with discarded fairy lights to add a little fun. The weaving indicates the possibility of social connections, people sitting in circles, discussing life’s events.  The little lights reflect on our social expectations, gatherings and connections within the Australian and Aboriginal communities as we connect with each over and embrace our true Australian culture and move forward together in a positive direction for our future. 

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