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A Garden for the 22nd Century 2017

Ronda Sharpe

My installation titled ‘A Garden for the 22nd Century’ is a series of 2-d wall reliefs and free standing sculptures made from objects and detritus from the boating industry. Propellers, shafts, engine parts, chains, and lights have been collated onto coloured panels or homemade dolly’s to create spatial collages with an industrial esthetic. The parts are sourced from local (Gold Coast, Queensland) boat manufacturers and range from new to recently decommissioned boat parts.

During my childhood my father purchased an inboard ski boat and I have fond memories of camping beside the rivers, dams and ocean. These adventures cemented my passion for the environment and the experience of gliding along the water on ski’s and in a powerful boat. The passion continued to the next generation as my youngest son now wakeboards and manages a mechanical workshop in the boat industry.

I continue to connect with the land and water and I’m constantly confronted with numerous amounts of waste and discarded items. I find myself questioning the intersection between nature and culture by focusing on how our human consumer throwaway society is impacting our Earth.

I cannot resist the temptation of gathering, collecting and artistically reusing discarded and natural mediums. I relish the splendor and embrace the unpredictable challenges of working with found materials; allowing them to transform into a visual narrative regarding our ongoing ecological awareness.

My art practice is in a constant state of progression and I have started to push the boundaries by focusing on a larger body of work that concentrates on the industrial waste products, which are continually ending up in our landfill.

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