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Boobook Owl

Ronda Sharpe

This body of work was created for the City Libraries Annual Artist Showcase Exhibition 2017, under the theme ‘after dark. This was a collaborative exhibition showcasing artworks from artists who have participated in the artistic library artist program.

I started to research nocturnal animals and discovered that the Norfolk Island Boobook owl has nearly became extinct and without captive breeding intervention the Norfolk Island Boobook owl would be lost already.

Norfolk Island boobook owl information: Click Here

Australia’s flora and fauna is unique and is found nowhere else in the world but sadly the list of extinct, and critically endangered is continually growing. According to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Australia database in 2017, the numbers combined in the two categories of extinct and critically endangered for Fauna is 501 and Flora 1307 totally 1808.

I’m very concerned about our ever-increasing loss of our Australian unique flora and fauna, which is under constant threat of extinction due to loss of habitat and destruction. This is caused by our demand for progress and building the economy and the lack of respect for the beautiful environment Australia. This culture has to change and we need a shift to preserving our beautiful country for now and for the future.

Dimensions: 170cm x 60cm.

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