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Inspired by Nature 2016, Series of nature inspired small objects created using bronze wax casting techniques.

I am an emerging environmental artist and the organic flora and fauna of the Australian ecosystem inspires my work.

I have created ‘hand objects’ that represent segments and forms of organic enthused seeds, seedpods and shells in this series ‘Inspired by Nature 2016. Hand objects are jewellery items that are held and admired rather than worn.

During my walks and travels I collect organic items that have dried and are left fallen and discarded on the ground. I am drawn to irregular patterns of dried plants, flowers, seeds, pods, stones, interesting shaped branches and bark. When I visit the ocean I collect fragments of shells, driftwood, dried ocean flora and weathered debris.

I have respect for the natural environment and I’m mindful of not disturbing the ecological systems as I collect specimens that have fallen from the trees or washed up from the shore. I pick up discarded rubbish or ocean garbage during my visits; which I use in my environmental art practice or discard in a rubbish bin.

Working with the wax casting techniques and processes has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I preferred the hard wax to the soft when carving my shapes and I used bronze as my medium as the colour of the metal links to the colours of the natural items I collected and used in this body of work.

Julie Blyfield, is a well-known Australian silversmith and jeweller who has inspired me with her talent to transform leaves and seeds into spectacular silver neckpieces and her ability to create beautiful replica brooches of pressed botanical specimens.


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