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Timeless Spider 2017

Materials: Repurposed clock parts, brass wire, Shiva Lingam Stone.

This body of work represents my father who past away on December 26, 2015 who had a vast collection of antique clocks. The spider signifies a Golden Orb Weaving Spider who visited me around the time of my fathers passing. The spider built a magnificent cross web on a smooth glass pane near my front door entrance. I felt very blessed and protected.

My father’s fascination of clocks also gave me an appreciation for the skill and beauty of a timeless piece of history. The complexity of the workings of clocks to accurately keep time is truly amazing. The small intricate cogs and beautifully crafted metal shapes used to create the workings and features of a clock are artistic works of art.

The age of technology has changed the history of how we keep time and repairing clocks is also a dying art. The digital luminous timepieces and iPhones we now use are completely opposite to the historic timepieces of time gone by.

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