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2017- Queensland College of Arts, Machinery St Gallery exhibition

This public art inaugural exhibition presents selected artwork from three students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Art program at the South Bank campus, working in Interdisciplinary Drawing and Sculpture.

Everything is Connected

Ronda Sharpe

Everything is Connected features a series of contemporary woven baskets and vessels that are transformed into modern objects of aesthetic beauty, which I call “empty vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge and recognition”.

This series represent the connection to the ancient Indigenous women’s cultural practices of traditional weaving techniques, and the passing of knowledge. However there is a modern-day twist to this body of work, due to my technique of weaving the baskets out of discarded data cables and videotape. These mediums also represent the reconfiguring of our current fast pace lifestyle and use of high tech, technological tools that allow us to connect and tell our stories instantly and globally.

“The weaving of the baskets is about linking together indigenous traditional fiber art and my own personal journey of searching for ways to connect to my lost indigenous heritage that exists in my family, but was not spoken about for most of my life. This is why I’m drawn to weaving the baskets and using modern day data cables instead of natural fibres. This is my way of identifying and connecting to the traditional indigenous cultures and coming together with my white Australian upbringing”.

In this work I explored working with Ochre mineral powders by manually grounding the natural powders and mixing with bond create medium to cover the hard plastic. After many layers of painting the vessels have transformed into a more natural colour and the bond create has stiffened the baskets allowing them to hold their shape.

I am employing the strategies of adapting to our modern times by utlising these accessible materials and transforming them into functional objects. My work seeks to examine the connections and correspondences within the contemporary context of the past, the present and the future.

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'Word Of Mouth’

Jugglers Gallery - Fortitude Valley

This was a collective exhibition presented by seven undergraduates from Griffith University at the Queensland College of Art, Chris Cobban, Chris Underwood, Frank Nordman, Ruby Fazal, Peter Laqua, Richard Kirwood, and Ronda Sharpe. Specialising in painting, sculpture, drawing and printmaking, we are passionate about sharing our talents in visual communication to create diverse, thought-provoking work for contemporary audiences.

I exhibited 3 sculpture pieces from my collection –

A Garden from the 21st Century – 2016

Boo-book Owl – 2017

Everything is Connected – 2017

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2017 - Gold Coast City Library’s Annual Artist Showcase Exhibition

This body of work was created for the City Libraries Annual Artist Showcase Exhibition 2017, under the theme ‘after dark. This was a collaborative exhibition showcasing artworks from artists who have participated in the artistic library artist program.

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